Student at college studying Economics,Politics and Law.

Usually a silent observer of the world and all it’s chaos but sometimes it is necessary to voice the thoughts that I have kept concealed for so long.

Egyptian and Proud.

5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Nice choice of subjects. My interests are tiny bit similar but because those subjects are not easily available or affordable in Kuwait I had to give em up and opt for commerce.
    I still feel terrible about not being able to study what I had actually dreamt of studying. đŸ˜¦

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    1. Seeing many mature students in my college, people who are in their 50’s going back to college to study, makes me realise that you are never too old or too late to pursue your dream. There are many people who went to college and became successful but then went back to college to study something completely different. So I truely believe that your dream will come true it is just a matter of time.

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      1. I hope for that too. One day I’ll study that which I’m much more passionate about. The thought helps me out up with my current education đŸ™‚

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