Just An Ordinary Girl

The more the years go by the more I feel uncertain about what I want. I want happiness and success but to be frank I don’t know what happiness is. It is not the clear visible yellow brick that Dorothy embarked on.

It’s camouflaged by fallen leaves of life, there are multiple directions, each one leading to uncertainty. Could this path lead to the ‘’perfect life’’ we all dream of? Or is it filled with hidden landmines which as soon as I place me foot down, will lead to a life of no return and regret.

The man on the corner dressed in shabby rags playing blissfully his ukulele, the greatest joy in his life, is a man who I envy. Some see a man with nothing but I see a man with dreams and passion. Alas, I am merely but an ordinary girl who’s figuring out life. I have yet to find my passion that drives me through life. Just a compass without its needle.

But then again aren’t we all just ordinary people trying to find our way? I don’t know what exactly I want but I know the person who I want to be. An honest, respectable person that I can be proud of and who my family can be proud of, and maybe that’s already half of the way.

”Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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