Hey do you know her?

‘’Hey do you know her?’’ questioned my friend as a random stranger nodded their head to greet us. ‘’No’’. I didn’t know her but that was the beauty of it.

Some people find it difficult to be a Muslim in the West. While it is true, once you reach a certain age especially in college, the majority of people want to meet their friends in a pub or a house party with lots of alcohol.
A setting you’re uncomfortable with but without going you never really become friends with the others. You might feel alone and isolated.
But then a random stranger with a colourful headscarf nods at you with a smile.
Suddenly you don’t feel alone.
You belong.
It’s all OK.

5 thoughts on “Hey do you know her?

  1. I can imagine… It makes you feel like you’ve got this sweet genuine connection to them.
    I live in Kuwait and hence Muslims are not very uncommon but I love that Muslim women here always say Salam to other Muslim women even if they don’t know you. They just smile and say Salam of you happen to make eye contact be it at grocery store or the restaurant or the park or wherever else. It’s the sweetest thing 🙂

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      1. I know.
        It’s amazing though. Islam just left us with this amazing sense of connection to each other even if we’re strangers. It’s all genuine and nice. 🙂
        May Allah bless the muslim ummah as a whole. 🙂

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      2. “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
        Anthony J. D’Angelo
        It’s great to be part of a community that still cares about one another.
        Amen. Xx 🙂

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