Beautiful Soul

Her warm smile

Infectious glow


Her kind heart

As pure as snow


When you see her

You wouldn’t expect


Behind those twinkly eyes

A Broken Soul


His words aren’t the only thing that hurt her

She doesn’t seem the type to fall into that kind of life

But the bruises and broken bones disagree


What may be worse

Is the once beautiful soul  is now lost

in a black hole

too deep to be found




Why did she allow this?

Did she love the devil?

Or was she too afraid?


Alas what difference does it make

For it is too late


As we stand by her grave

SarcasticBeautyQueen Xx

Hey guys I wrote this since October is the month of national domestic violence. I know it’s in America but I wanted to write something about domestic violence since it’s becoming such a prevalent issue in today’s society. The poem describes the victim as a female but the issue affects both men and women. So if you know anyone going through this get them help and if you’r experiencing this get out as soon as possible.

Much love

SarcasticBeautyQueen Xx

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul

  1. Incredible writing. This topic is all too common and so tragic. It’s so important to bring it to light. I’m so happy you shared this with everyone. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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