Where have I gone?

When I was young, I was known to be creative and full of imagination.

I would draw and paint.

Write stories and create.

Read and Remake.


It was no burden.

It was no chore.

Just something I adore.


But as the years go went on.

And the work piled on.

I lost my capability.


Now I try to draw.

Now I try to write.

Now I try to read.

Now I try to create.


My once flowing imagination

that could not be contained

has slowly faded away.


Will it ever be regained?

Batool xX

22 thoughts on “Where have I gone?

    1. I know, I feel like when you grow up you focus so much on work and school and responsibilities that you lose your imagination and creativity that you had when you were younger.
      Hopefully we get it back ! πŸ™‚ Xx

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  1. I used to think that it was just me, but reading this post and all the comments underneath it, I’m realizing that it is in fact something we all go through as we grow up…
    Makes me sad actually. 😦

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    1. I used to think it was just me too. I think when you get older you always have so much more responsibilities to deal with that your hobbies seem like a waste of time 😦
      I’m hoping to regain some of this creativity though.

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  2. Most actions are the result of thoughts. If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. Easier said than done. But regular effort will get you where you want to be πŸ™‚ Thanks for the follow πŸ™‚

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