The Wise Old Owl

The Wise Old Owl

 Perched on the tree






Others loved the chatter

The hare, the deer

The badgers, the squirrels

All seeing themselves as superior to the others


All want to be heard 

All want to be seen


But the owl

the wise old owl

perched quietly on the branch

Watched and Listened


As they argued

Who was the best, the smartest

Who should be the leader


The wise old old was silent

Not for lack of opinion or thought

He in fact had many ideas

Many thoughts and observations about the world


But now was not the time 

there was still so much learning to do

still so much observing to do

As he watched the world move

in all its faults and glory


He did not feel the need to babble ideas

If he had not seen them through

For words meant nothing

the only thing that can be heard is action

The Wise old owl thought to himself


As he observed and listened

Watched the others

with his luminous eyes lighting up

With thoughts and ideas

Of a better future for himself

and for the world

Since I was a young child I have always admired the owl, the idea of the “Wise Old Owl” was something that fascinated me and I always thought or wanted my character to resemble the Wise old owl.

I used this idea to demonstrate many of my views or thoughts.

  1. Just because someone is quiet does not mean they are not thinking. In fact the more time you spend talking, just to be heard the less time you will have to listen or to learn.
  2. Also I feel like much of politics today is people babbling over each other trying to prove who’s the best. Generally with the intentions of working for themselves rather than working for the country. In my opinion, any rational person who believes that being a politician or a leader is to work for the people (which is what is supposed to happen) they would not be eager to become president because they will know presidency is supposed to be a selfless job with the lives of millions on your shoulders. It is one that is filled (or should be filled) with sleepless nights and endless worry. As a mother worries about her children, a president should worry about the welfare of his people but unfortunately, whether it’s a first world country or third world country it is a rare sight.

This is the original nursery rhyme of the Wise Old Owl:

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

11 thoughts on “The Wise Old Owl

    1. I agree it’s become more of a circus act, people listen to presidential debates for the humor and shock value rather than anything else. I think whats worse is that people are now relying on comedians like Jon Stewart rather than news sources and politicians to know what is going on in the world.

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