The fear of failure

*Atychiphobia is the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure, a type of specific phobia

To many the world has become a fearful place. Although, we as humans have seemed to progress at rates never seen before through technology and machinery , we have also become more fragile and fearful. Phobias of spiders, phobias of germs with our mental health figures doubling over the past 10 years.

Why? What has made this nation anxiety stricken or so depressed to the point where daily pills to numb all senses seems to be the most sought out answer?

It seems that the root of all this fear and stress is one of the most ancient disablers  within human civilization, that is the fear of failure. 

Although, we may be the most privileged generation yet with the  world becoming our oyster, our expectations of the outcome of or lives has also risen. People are no longer content with a small, comfortable life. We want more…. more things, more accolades, more praise….just More. You must reach the stars … and then surpass them.

The world has become such a large place, where many of us have many options. Options to be who we what to be and achieve our dreams… but for many the bigger the world the smaller we feel.  When you know you want to achieve success but don’t know how and through which path.

So you spend your nights overthinking, panicking… what have I done with my life… what is the meaning of my existence? Does my existence even contribute to anything or is it just a burden to the ecosystem.

This overthinking is what kills our dreams and our ambition. Its true that ignorance is bliss. It is time that we stop being so painfully aware of our flaws and so oblivious of our positive attributes. For many if they take out a sheet of paper and highlight two headings, our failures and our successes, they can fill the list with they’re shortcomings but cant think of any good features about themselves. Thus, our fear of failure has stemmed because how can i ever succeed being me? What do I have? 

The sickness of the physical body is tragic but the sickness of the mind is detrimental. Many of us walk around with a dark cloud of doubt over our head that cripples any hopes that we have for the future. The dark voices will whisper eerily into your ear that its best not to try as you will be sure to fail. It will be hard to argue because your mind will agree. This must be stopped. Let the incoherent clouded hope within your heart be heard. Let it over power the negativity. Learn to jump and take the chance of failure rather than stand still in fear and regret.

After all, if you don’t take the chance, you will never experience the highs in a world of highs and lows/

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

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