Living Life

This November I’m turning 20. It seemed so far away but it has arrived so fast. The big 2-0,  still young but now I’ faced with my worst fear… responsibilities and adulthood :/ I’ve just graduated from university and now the time has come to actually start my career and so I have began to reflect;  on what I have lived and what I hope to live and through this I have realised that I haven’t truly lived my life. I know this sounds odd, and many will think your still young obviously you haven’t lived.But the truth is everyone talks about their teenage years as the best years of their lives. However, if I were to reminisce about my teenage years, my mind goes blank. Not because of crazy partying or what have you but because I spent most of those precious years worrying about the future.. worrying to the point that it crippled my ability to enjoy life to the fullest. I have realised that I have not fully lived up to this point but merely existed comfortably. Keeping myself sheltered inside the four walls of my messy bedroom, watching others live their lives online on youtube or reality shows but not actually living my life for myself.

Many people may be doing the exact same thing, living their lives by being glued to their gadgets and devices. Not even fully enjoying a meal until the perfect picture is posted on Instagram. I say this to recognise the fault in my ways, a fault that many reading this my recognise in their own lives, to stop existing and to actually live your life. Stop overthinking the future and letting that anxiety prohibit your happiness.

It will all fall into place.

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