And So it begins….

Weight. Something most people struggle with, whether it is lose or to gain weight. I wish I could be one of those skinny fit blonde preppy girls who actually enjoy eating salads and detox teas and find fast food disgusting…. but I’m not. The thought of kale, avocado and quinoa makes me cringe and anyone who says they don’t like burgers and fries will definitely get the side eye from me.

Nevertheless, eating healthy and losing some weight is important but it’s a real struggle. Food can seem like that toxic relationship that you seem addicted to especially when your feeling down or anxious. Which is definitely my case. For the past 4 years I moved from being blissfully unaware of my weight because I was a size 8 to having it be a constant topic in the back of my mind that I can’t shrug off.

I have identified two problems that relate to my relationship with food:

1) I have an unhealthy relationship for food.

I look to it as comfort, as a distraction or as a reward. The truth is food is simply there to nourish you, not to be your relief in difficult situations or you joy in life.

2) Consistency:
Does anyone else have this problem? Just because you eat the right portions of healthy food for three days of the week, doesn’t mean you mean you can binge for the four remaining days of the week.
Also not eating anything and just drinking water and black coffee with no sugar for your “detox days” have not benefited you. This took me a long time to mentally accept this fact. Although I obviously knew it wasn’t healthy, I still rolled my eyes at the fact. Gone will be days that I eat 200 calories or less everyday for three months. Also gone (hopefully) are the days that I eat 3000 calories or more a day without even noticing or even feeling fully full.

It is said the key to weight loss is to “eat less and exercise more, stupid” but sometimes it’s not so simple. Regaining a healthy relationship with food and dealing with the way I used food and view it mentally is what I’m going to focus on (obviously hoping to lose some weight on the way too).

There is so much contradicting information in relation to nutrition out there that it can be confusing. “Don’t eat carbs, High Carbs all the way; No fat, Fats O.K the problem is sugar, No, sugar does not cause weight gain.” So I’ve decided to stick to just counting calories and eating as healthy as I can, accompanied by waling 10,000 steps a day. I’ve created this new category to inspire myself and other to begin to live a healthy life, body, soul and mind.

I’ll be posting every Friday, with motivational posts, progress updates, healthy recipes and information that I found helped my on my journey. So make sure you stay in touch.

Until Next time,



10 thoughts on “And So it begins….

  1. Oh I have been there and know exactly how you feel. When I first started my journey, I’d go to the gym three days a week and then the rest of the day’s snack in chocolate and soda drinks (I gained weight instead of losing). Consistency Is hard, but you will make it. 🙂

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      1. That was about four years ago. It took two years (which were not easy but worth it), and I did lose the weight and have maintained the lifestyle for two years now. Honestly, it’s tough at first, but I am so used to this now. One thing I’d say though is, never give up. No matter how many days you fall back into healthy eating, you can always start over. That’s the one thing that helped me. 🙂

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      2. Wow thats great that you were able to maintain it. I still have a long way to go but i guess I just have to take one step at a time but thanks for the motivation. Its always great to hear the success of others. 🙂 😊


  2. Consistency is by far the HARDEST part of weightloss. We just have to commit. Committing to something means that you won’t give in even long after the mood that you said you’d commit has left. I’m guilty of quitting. It’s hard, but it’ll definitely be worth it!

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    1. I know! But after you commit for a while it becomes easier and more routine. It’s the beginning the journey thats the problem but it is definitely worth it 🙂
      Thanks For Reading 🙂

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