30 Day Life Improvement Challenge

"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." - Ralph Marston We all have some things that we need to improve on in order to have a more fulfilled life but I find myself never fully achieving those goals. Why? Procrastination. It is my biggest downfall. I have extremely important exams coming up at … Continue reading 30 Day Life Improvement Challenge


It is coming again That ugly feeling in the pit of my stomach A heavy pressure on my heart Ears burning, Itching, My neck Then my knees Oh no its happening again But I just stay silent I always stay silent While the panic boils violently within me Until I can take it no more

Work Hard

Work Hard Then Harder And Harder *** The Hustle is our life *** If you aren't working You aren't living Thats what we're taught *** But what happens if you work hard Achieve big And still not happy?  _________________________________________________________________ Recently I watched a movie called "From the Rough" (click the link to the movie). I took … Continue reading Work Hard