Body Positivity Or Promoting Obesity?

Hi guys,

So there has been A LOT of talk about body image for the past couple years. Many have tried to promote body positivity, a memorable example would be the song “All About the Bass”by Megan Trainor. But on every post, article or video attempting to show even a morsel of body positivity, whether its encouraging plus size women to wear bikini’s or urging more brands to have bigger sizes  available, there is also a counter argument.


This is that obesity, whether you like it or not, is unhealthy and the world in general is going through an obesity crisis that must be stopped.

The question is who is right? Are any of these opinions the correct way of tackling the obesity problem?

As someone who has been very thin and also obese, I understand the mindset and the issues people face when it comes to weight. A lot of the time when people discuss weight, they often discuss the physical, whether that is your physical appearance or your health. However, people often negate a very important factor in weight and that is mental health. The state of mind you are in determines your will power, your happiness and your hope for a better life and improving it. This is why body positivity is a MUST in today’s society. Although many may not understand but constantly putting someone down and telling them you need to lose weight does not work. Whether you believe it or not so much negative things are said about and to fat people. Even when trying to be active there are always snarky remarks made, for example in the TLC reality show “My Fat Fabulous Life”, Whitney is constantly told by people online that she should not be dancing or she should only dance after she loses all the weight?? Do people not know how you lose weight? And should you stop living just because you’ve gained some weight? This only causes overweight people to become more depressed and lock themselves in the safety of their own homes until they get bigger and bigger and by that time the problem has gotten too out of control for a healthy solution.


Some of you are probably saying “But obesity is wrong!!! FAT KILLS!!” and this is true. It is important to take care of your physical health and no matter what that means getting down to a healthy size. However, taking care of your mental health is also important. Promoting a healthy lifestyle should by showing a healthier life like blogilates whose changed the lives of millions for the better. It is possible for body positivity and promoting a healthy lifestyle to co-exist and both are necessary in order to reduce the obesity epidemic.


Stay healthy, mind and body;

Until Next Time,


9 thoughts on “Body Positivity Or Promoting Obesity?

  1. I can appreciate a solution-minded approach.

    My biggest problem with the “fat-acceptance” movement, aside from people simply not minding their own business, is that it polarizes the debate. HAES practically encourages people to not inform themselves, and that’s dangerous.

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  2. You make great points here… Obesity is indeed a problem as it could entail many health issues. It is not just about the body and how people look… Although there is a fine line between tackling obesity and being considered a bully, at least when it comes to what it is politically correct…
    I think people should change behaviours and beliefs in order to be able to solve the problem…
    Sending all my best wishes. Aquileana 🙂

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  3. They say it for a reason – What you manifest inside, you reflect outside. And this write-up totally resonate with that saying. Though in today’s time, people have awakened to the need of keeping their mental health healthy.
    A good read. 🙂

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  4. I really like this post. You’ve raised a really important issue. I’m overweight, and I’ve had depression. Luckily for me I spent time in intense therapy and now I am extremely self loving and body positive. But that doesn’t mean I’ve decided to stay overweight. The difference is that now I want to loose wright because I

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  5. Pressed send by accident!! Fat fingers lol. The difference is now I want to lose weight because I LOVE myself and my body, whereas before I wanted to lose weight because I hated myself and my body. Its all about ur motivation, and the only healthy motivation is love. Thank u for talking about this and highlighting the devastating effect that body negativity has on mental health. X

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