Hey Guys,

So recently I’ve re-visited an old song that brings up a lot of nostalgia for many  people and although it is a beautiful song there are a lot of things that I actually don’t believe to be true. That song is “Imagine” by John Lennon.
It’s a song that advocates peace and love but through no borders, no religion and all of us being one.

Although this can be seen as a rather idealogical Utopia to some; however, the truth is it has little substance.
Even if we all looked the same, there were no borders, no religions, no different races, no possessions, nothing to live or die for; if you think about it won’t be a world you want to live in at all. It would be dead, because we would be dead and empty inside.
Imagine if you had no possessions and nothing to live and die for… then why work.. then why dream… If I am not going to be in any better state of being, why should I struggle? For Who? Or for What?
We would never develop as the world because the truth is humans are goal-orientated and dreamers. If I have nothing to dream about, I am dead inside.
What would be the purpose of my existence.

Imagine no religion, no race, no borders…. What would happen? Would we have peace? Probably not!

People have been fighting people their own people since the dawn of time. I know in these difficult times many will believe that the abolishment of religion would end many of our problems, however if you really think about it region is merely an amalgamation of opinions and ideas. So even if there were not labels or titles per se we would all still have conflicting opinions that cause us to fight. Thus, to solve this problem should we create a world where everyone looks, talks and believes in the same thing?

No!!! What a lifeless world that would be! The answer is not to eradicate everything that makes us different but to accept and understand our differences. I believe that a colourful world is more beautiful than a colourless world.
The key to a world with no war, is respect. Have ambition, have dreams but don’t step on anyone to gain them. Have religion, have your opinions, so long as when you disagree with some, you can simply walk away. Not name call or fight. Accept the others’ opinion. Work hard, and get whatever worldly possessions you want.
It’s ok to love so much that you would die for someone or something, like a mother dying for her child to protect them.
And guess what? We need a government (outrageous I know) in order to keep the respect. We simply need a government that respect their citizens and respect the citizens of other nations.

So for 2017, we should move forward with the thought in mind, not to make drastic eradications but by keeping the simple thought in mind to respect thy neighbour. You don’t need to love thy neighbour, agree with thy neighbour, but be respectful and the world will be a truly better place.


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