Oh So Cold

Smooth wooden exterior
Silky satin interior
With the world surrounding
Tears and sorrow of their face

But I cannot bring myself to feel the same

For I know
I know thee who lays
In the box with the smooth wooden exterior
With a silky satin interior

He was a man with a heart cold as stone
surrounded by liquid nitrogen
Many say he is a reincarnation of satan

But to others he is a hero
He is brave and noble
In his khaki green uniform loaded with ammunition
They surround him with song, satin and gold medals

Cameras flashing
They mourn his death
As if he was a saint
As if he was a human

But I know him
More than they ever could
For he his a murder
Ruthless and dead

What about his victims?
Innocent yet dead
Left laying on the floor
A pool of blood surrounding their heads
Laughter and jokes while the chuck their bodies at dump sites
Not before the urination on the lifeless corpse
While his kids and wife cry in remorse

No pretty poppy for them
No satin or gold
Some say its because they’re mere casualties
Not humans
I say that’s cold

Oh so very cold

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