Left to Right

I look to the left

I look to the right


Suddenly all my confidence

What little moment I had



My mistakes and flaws haunt me

Everyone else is so much better than me


Who am I?

What do I bring?

I am nothing compared to them


Slower and slower I go

And stumble even more

And never finish the finish line

Just like I predicted


All because I looked to the left

And looked to the right

Since new years is coming up, there are a lot of resolutions being made. One thing I’m guilty of, and I’m sure many of you are as well, is comparing myself to others. It’s important to focus on your own path because you waste so much time looking at your left and looking at your right. Look forwards and onwards and you will accomplish your goals with a lot less headache.

Comparison is the death of joy.” 
―Mark Twain

Until Next Time,

Batool Xx


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