Isn’t it Funny?

Isn't it funny That those who abuse you Turn around and ask why are you mad? *** Isn't it funny That as soon as you try and hit back They remember right and wrong? *** Over and over again  They make the same mistake *** Over and over again They forget their mistakes *** But … Continue reading Isn’t it Funny?


You say you have dreams Yearn for success But you are content with average And that is where you will always stay Until you become allegeric to average ____________________________________________________________________________________________Inspired by Eric Thomas


Success. We all desire it. An island so far away A paradise Beautiful Sparkling Enticing A place were everyone has their head held high Titles and wealth Us, plebeians stare with green tinted eyes full of envy Lucky Bastards Eyebrows furrowing and eyes narrowing While staring hard at the barely visible island So close yet … Continue reading Success