I Love You

The words I Love You.

So familiar.

Yet so foreign.

You read about it so often but do I truly believe in the concept? Not necessarily.

I mean to some Romeo and Juliet was a beautiful love story, to me it was a story of two idiots who lack logic and got themselves killed.

Or in Forrest Gump, him pinning over a girl that didn’t want him or even treat him well.

I mean even when hearing about these long love stories where you stuck together even though they were shunned by society, even though they can be cute, I always question their decision. Like lose everything to be with someone…. I think not.

The notion that love is blind, without logic and it will take you by storm, receives a mere eyeball from me.

To be love without logic does not make sense.

For me love only works when it is backed up by compatibility and respect. If someone doesn’t treat you well or if in order to be within it is necessary to give up everything I hold near and dear, it just will never be worth it.

I will always choose logic over emotion. Especially since we all know that usually that emotion fades away once time has passed.

I can do this because I don’t believe in ‘the one’, I feel like are a least a good 5 and that’s good enough for me đŸ˜›


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