Youtube Motivation to Lose Weight!

Another Friday has come and for me the best time to start a weight loss plan is on Friday, you have a little time to adjust before Monday, so if you fail on a Friday its a lot less pressure than cheating on a Monday (I think… It works that way in my head anyway :/)

Youtube is one of my great addictions and time wasters but it definitely gives you great motivation to begin your weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey and I mean JOOOUUUUURRRNNNNNNEEEEYYYY! As it takes a lot of time and willpower and is something that you will have to continue on for the rest of your life.

  1. Kayla Cupcake

Kayla Cupcake.

This girl lost 100lbs! Even losing 10lbs is a struggle. You get to see her lose and maintain the weight over time. The best thing about her  is that she is so relatable. She doesn’t just eat salads and workout 4 time a week. Which is what you should probably do but to just begin with a sudden change of everything rarely works out. She even lost all her weight without working out! Definitely recommend her, she’s honest about weight gain, weight loss and provide a different approach to eating for weight loss that everyone may not necessarily be aware of.

2. Abigale Kirsten

There is only really one video about weight loss that is helpful but man is it big. It has reached 15.5 million views and the comments (although there are a lot of doubters) are filled with people who her tips have massively helped.


3. Glamfun

Although this is not necessary a weight loss specific channel and she didn’t need to lose a lot of weight she does small challenges in order to improve her health and reports the difference that even just a week can do. My favourite one is “what 500 Ab crunches did to me” even though I have yet to try it :/


Hope this helped,

Until Next Time,

Batool Xx


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