Smile, Girl

You ask me why don’t I smile?

A scowl is not necessary for a pretty girl

Smile in your presence

So you can enjoy my beauty

Learned at a young age that is my duty


I am for you

For all of you

But never for me


Stolen youth

Stolen innocence

Stolen past

Stolen Future


And yet I must bare a grin

Speak softly

and dress rightly for you

For all of you


you question my anger

Why do I get louder

 When I walk near you


I learned to shelter

Even from an elder

because “I belong to you”


So pardon my anger

My lack of banter

Because I refuse to belong to you


So I’ll shout a little louder

Even if you get madder

And make it a lot more harder

For me to belong to you


Batool Aly

Disclaimer : Photo from google images. Does not belong to me


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