Invisible War

Have you ever been in a state of immobilisation? Regretful and numb.

Full of despair.

But the emotions seem to lack its strength. Rather than erupt it seems to simmer hot and angry but beneath the surface, so that a smile can be maintained , a laugh can be managed and a capable and happy person can be presented.

Slowly and slowly I seem to cripple only caused my divisive mind. Cannot be seen to the naked eye and the dark whispers and murky murmurs only echo within the dome. The dome that is supposed to protect to, filled with secrets and knowledge. Strength and courage. Invaded. Silently.

But who to tell ? In this dark world where babies suffer and your just mere blubber, soft like no other.

So you try and try to pull yourself up. Listen to motivational songs in hopes not to give up. Shake off the indifference and numbness to life even through risky and dangerous means to end your strife.

Refuse to give up.

Shout it louder and louder.

Till the demons surrender.

And let it not just be mere propaganda.

To emerge from the foggy vacuum that is your mind. To learn to live and not just exist.

It may seem impossible fighting an invisible war but in the end you’ll love yourself so much more……



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