10 Affordable Bags For Work

Hi guys,

Another day is upon us, pushing me into the world of adulthood. Adulthood has been beckoning me for a while now but I have resisted. “Forever Young” and whatever else those pop songs speak of, but I am coming closer to its acceptance.

The first step in becoming an adult is getting a job. Not just any job but a more stable job. Where you can build a career so that when your in your 40’s or 50’s you can live comfortably. Being a law graduate, I have already chosen my career path. Although, in my head it appeared a little more glamorous, much like an episode of “Suits”, with everyone in tailored suited and me brilliant and smart with my head held high armed with my birkin bag heading towards an enormous glass building where there I will have my own office accompanied with of course my own swivvy chair.

Of course this isn’t the reality of the situation, nor was I naive enough to believe it would happen, at least not without a decade of exceptional work under my belt and minus the Birkin, but can’t a girl dream?

Even though I’m not exactly at level yet, when looking for jobs its necessary to keep sharp and although I don’t have my birkin, I needed a suitable handbag going into interviews, meeting clients and etc. BUT for a broke ass student. Max 50 euro if even that!

This was a lot harder than I thought. Sure there are a lot cheap cute bags but not exactly corporate material if you know what I mean. So I made a list of 10 Affordable Handbags and I hope it’s helpful on your career journey. 🙂

  1. Padlock Satchel Handbag


This was my favourite one! Isn’t it beautiful? I really wanted to get it but it was sold out, however I found the same bag on amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Dasein-Leather-Structured-Briefcase-Shoulder/dp/B00LWX8OJI. I considering getting it from there.

Price : 40 euro

2) LUCLUC Black Waterproof Shoulder Bag


The perfect bag needs to be pretty, waterproof with lots of space for files and pens and this bag fits what we all need for only 23 euro.

3) LUCLUC Black Pu Zipper Shoulder Bag



4) Handbag


H&M:  €44.99

5) Kiss Frame Grab Bag by Marc B


Topshop: Now £35.00

(P.S: This brand was the most promising, Marc B)



Lips London: £65.00

7) HARLOW Winged Holdall


Topshop: £39.00

8) Lola Colour Block Structured Day Bag


Boohoo :£20.00



This one was expensive but like I told it was HARD to find affordable handbags for work. Also, considering the prices of actual designer bags this is relatively cheaper.

At $199 from Henri Bendel.



Lipsy London: £45.00


Overall Lipsy London had a much wider selection and the brand Marc B had quite a few affordable suitable handbags. As for me I am still obsessed with the padlock handbag and am just waiting for the right time to buy it.

On my journey on attempting to grow up and become and adult, I will be posting a series called Adulting 101. So make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for that. 😉


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33 thoughts on “10 Affordable Bags For Work

      1. Even the ones you find that are okay may not even last, which is why I prefer to buy ones that I know that would last. The not so good part is that the ones you know that would actually last is pretty expensive.

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      2. I know sometimes I feel designer bags are overrated but actually the difference in quality is obvious but man is it expensive. Some bags are $20,000 though. Thats crazy!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know! That price you stated reminded me of wedding gowns… Say Yes To The Dress.

        But yeah. It’s so freaking expensive at times ones would just prefer to stick to the middle. Not too cheap, not too expensive, and one whose quality can be vouched for.

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      4. I live in Ireland and after u graduate we do Fe1 exams. I think thats the equivelant of the bar. and then we get a training contract, then do 2 more sets of exams. Where do you live?

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