Masks of Conviction

We all walk around with a mask

A mask of confidence

With an air of knowing

Knowing where we are going

where we are heading

The outcome of all our tomorrows

As if it were sent down by the Gods

   Detailed in dark black ink on everlasting parchment

A solace around all others but you, it seems

But that solace disappears in a puff of mystical fog

As its illusion becomes transparent

No yellow brick road to show you the way

No ancient book to enlighten you with its prophecy

We all are unsure

Unsure of tomorrow

Unsure of today

Unsure of yesterday

Keeping a mask on to hide our fears

A world of headless chickens lost

Stumbling to find away

It may seem daunting

But find solace

As there is no right way

There can only be your way


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