Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star Drama

Hey guys,

This is my first post about celebrity news. My guilty pleasure is Wendy Williams and I have always loved the brilliant LovelyTi, so I thought why not talk about it. So if you haven’t heard Kim Kardashian is in some hot water over her latest snapchat defending Jeffree Star.


Later, she apologised for basically telling people to get over the racist comments that Jeffree made and stated she did not realise the entirety if the situation.

Was she wrong or was Social Media Over-reacting?

I think on the surface Kim Kardashian had good intentions. He critiqued her contour kit harshly to some, and she publicly acknowledged the criticism and told her fans not to give him so much hate. Personally, I did not see the videos of Jeffree Star’s racism before this controversy , and to someone who doesn’t know, it is assumed that these videos are years old and to Kim who has personally met him numerous times, I can believe that he seemed like a nice guy and so she may have chosen to believe him. Which makes her case more understandable, especially if she has not seen the actual videos.

The reality is a racist is not so obvious as people assume. Most time they do not have a swastiza tattooed on their head nor do not rant about how they hate all minorities. No, they are your friends, your neighbours and can even be your spouses. I know it sounds crazy, but a racist tends to blend in, they don’t have a problem being your friend or even sleeping with you but they will always think themselves as above you. Sometimes it will be exposed by snide remarks that they make, it even may take a while to notice. Other time the good old alcohol brings it out of them. I personally have had friends that seemed harmless, but it was those little comments that made me realise that they viewed me as beneath them solely due to my race. It is also important to recognise that someone can be a good friend to you but not be a good person. So be careful who you vouch for, because people wear many different faces.

I say all that to say, that it is possible that Kim Kardashian was not aware of the extent of Jeffree’s racism.

HOWEVER, Kim really can’t speak on racism, or how people should feel or react to injustices they have felt. Nor do I hold her to a standard that many of you seem to hold her to. She is not a political, or to be frank educated, nor is she black herself. She has lived in a bubble, so why do put a woman who’s talent is reality TV above ourself? People need to stop putting Celebrities on these high pedestal just for being pretty or talented. We as a society need to place more of our attention to scientists, educators, philanthropists and people who are actively trying to put us all in a better positions. Not a celebrity who merely sends a tweet about how we all need to love each other XOXO.

Also, when it come to Jeffree I have never liked him and seeing the video’s of his harassment and racism to women of colour,  Mexicans and women in general; and of course let us not forget his insincere apology, makes me glad that I never gave him the time of day and we all should completely forget about him and not give him the attention that he so desperately craves.


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