Cheating….. Something all men do?

Hey Guys,

It seems that every loved couple, whether on Youtube or in Hollywood, is ending; and mostly due to infidelity.

After this video, I thought I needed to write a post about cheating.

I was truly devastated watching this video. I loved this couple. I was rooting for them and I wished nothing but happiness for them.

I know what some people are going to say, why do you care about a relationship with people you don’t even know? Although some people idolise celebrities and influences, always commenting “Relationship Goals” and praying for a relationship like the one they see online; however I think most people just yearn to see a successful, happy relationship. If you have had your heartbroken, sometimes it can be comforting to see a couple that actually love and respect each other minus the affairs and lies.

So is it true? Do all men cheat? Are men all trash? Is the only possible way to have a long relationship is to turn your head to other side?

It seems like every man cheats. In media and even in our own lives it seems like cheating is so common, that many women have come to accept it “as a man’s nature” and we as women have to understand and accept this fact and lower our standards in order to have happy and healthy relationships……

… I call BULLSHIT!

People have made affairs seem like something casual but the reality is that it is not!  Even in the Bible where the sanctity of marriage is perceived as of the upmost importance, divorce was acceptable on the grounds of infidelity.

Why? Because it is truly a horrible thing, not just a mere mistake. It consists of a person lying, sneaking around, hurting those he/she loved the most, the people he vowed to protect. Not only that, but people seem to forget the consequences of having an affair, you put your health at risk, the health of your partner at risk, possibly have children outside your relationship that would destroy the very foundation of that relationship, let alone hurting and damaging your partner emotionally, to the point where they  will have a hard time loving themselves because you failed to love them.

Whether you fell in love with that person, or it was just merely sex are equally as bad.

The first means you keep stringing along a person who you have already forgotten an the latter means that you can so little of your relationship that you are willing to risk everything for a few minutes.

You do not have to stay in a relationship if it’s not working but please have the decency to leave, your already half way out the door!

But the question remains… do all men cheat?

The reality is that affairs are not gender specific (even if statistics show that men are more likely to cheat). I do believe there are good men out there, even if its hard to see examples of it.  A good man won’t cheat. They keep their word and care about the consequences of they’re action.

A good man exists.




4 thoughts on “Cheating….. Something all men do?

  1. Not all men cheat. I feel like they are the less satisfied and fulfiled party in a relationship for sure, which drives them to look for more, hence earning the reputation that all men cheaters.


  2. All men don’t cheat, but men aren’t the only ones that cheat unfortunately. I’ve been cheated on and I don’t date guys. I actually did a study on this subject before and both sexes seem to go and do it but there are good men out there. Like pit bulls, men have been given a bad rap, at least the good ones have. There are two sides to every card. 🃏

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