Dear Diary #2

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Salutations my dear friend!

How have you been?

Pardon my irritation but as I write to you, I am in the library. I entered hoping for a peaceful time to think, as one has many thoughts and most, if not all are of sheer brilliance. Thus, I like to think and ponder to come to a conclusion of  which idea should I begin to develop first in order to ensure my definite fate of being a billionaire accompanied, of course, by world dominance and a charming little noble prize in one’s dainty, little hand.

A very simple request, do you not think?
Well apparently the cruel world does not think so, and would not grant me the simple wish I dreamed upon.

Instead I stumbled on sheer horror!

I walked in, all seemed calm and tranquil. I sat down comfortably with a steamy paper cup guarding my current favourite, the McDonalds Toffee Latte, all seemed well…. or so it seemed…

I was conned for I did not remember it was Halloween break, and all these filthy gremlins where let loose from their confinements.

The screams of banshees, with sticky little hands that fool you by their size yet hold a cruel danger if the little monsters decide for you to be their next target.

These gremlins lack hygiene, intelligence and ediqutte!

With mucus running down ones nose one little one was “reading” his book upside down! “Thats not how you read Malcolm! (his mother mentioned his name while pleading with the dirty little terrorist). I, of course did not utter my true feelings for I was taught the most vital lesson of civilisation, eddiqutte which these little things clearly have not.

And why are they crying!? I am the one who ought to be crying! My quite, humble evening was ruined! And thanks to them the world is in a no better place because my genius was not allowed to explore due the hazardous warfare environment that I was subjected too!

This rant may provide you will the illusion that I do not have a kindering but that is not the case. In fact, I hope to bear more than one child of my own.

Yet, I imagine the fruit of my loins would hold a strong resemblance to a young moi. Handsome, charming, quite yet full of knowledge, not these horrible little monsters that dream for no apparent reason! I mean, how frivolous! Who wastes energy on such frivolous matters and to make matters worse it was deemed that corporeal punishment is cruel and does not have a place in modern society, thus creating a generation of rampant brute little savages that will most likely ruin my enjoyment of another simple moment of solitude once again.

Why must the world be so cruel, why must good people such as myself suffer?

Until next time,

Kind Regards


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