Current Fall Essentials 2017

  1. Plaid Blazer

Plaid is IN! Especially in blazer form. It a mix between professional and casual, perfect for work and just going out. However, I will say the cut of the blazer differs from each store and it changes the appearance of the jacket drastically, so rather than online shopping it might be safer to go the the actual store and see if the  tailoring suits your body and style. You can find these blazers in H &M and zara.

2. Grey Pearl Sweater


3.  Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are perfect for this time of year. Its cold you don’t want you toes out for a future of frostbite nor do you want the rain soaking your feet, but a little height is still needed for that little something something, and thus we have all been graced by ankle boots. Comfortable, casual yet fashionable and protects your toes and allows you to wear socks. In my books it’s a win, win ,win all round.

All these pictures are from Aldo because Aldo has really been sparking my interest lately, particularly the ones below.




4. Statement Handbags

Ever since Gucci came out with their line of amazing unique handbags, the worlds been following. Who doesn’t want a little colour and fun in their life? A handbag is the perfect way to experiment with crazy colours and patterns but not look crazy.



Did you like my list? Let me know what are your fall favourites for 2017.

Leave a comment below.

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