Muffled Thoughts

So it’s been a while…. and honestly I don’t have any excuse other than I wasn’t feeling it.

Does this happen to other bloggers too?

The peaks of high productivity fuelled by excitement and overflowing creativity and then the lows,  i.e.  the “what the hell I’m doing?” phase.

What makes blogging so attractive is that anyone can do it. Literally in seconds you can create an account and boom, upload as much as you want, hashtag the title ‘writer’ in the bio of every social media account. You feel proud by your self-annointed title and every like and response you get…. but then your mind likes to plant it’s seeds of doubts and before you know it, you have a whole frigging oak tree of doubt cluttering your mind leading to the frequent occurrence of “bloggers block”.

“You do know your not a writer right?”

“What the hell are you even talking about?”

” A grown woman that makes punctuation and spelling mistakes… with the sheer arrogance to post it online for the world to see… pity…”


Just to name a few examples…

I have found myself pining to write but after such a long time not knowing to what or how to do so.  The words still feel like mumbled incoherent thoughts typed with no fluidity but I still decided to write. I know I’m not a writer, with no published or paid work, but I love to write. Blogging allows you to carve out an individual space solely created for you, that in a big load world that is hard to come by.


Blogging Lesson #1: Blog for you and think about nothing else.


26 thoughts on “Muffled Thoughts

  1. Of course, this happens to a lot for us. But we are persistent bloggers and writers, because we write. Being published has nothing to do with it.

    I too am getting back after a hiatus and posted my ‘comeback’ post a couple of days back 😀

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