Far Away from Home #WorldRefugeeDay

Lying on the floor with the sun shining on my face

Kissing me aggressively all over with its warmth

While the familiar aroma and friendly voices surround me

Home always put a smile on my face


Gusting winds, Choppy waters

Attack us viciously with malice

I turn around for one last glance

Of the place that I once called home

But the joy has escaped it

The flames have encircle it

Make sure that every ounce of happiness disappears

Only to live in my fading memory


Onwards we go

With most of our lives stripped away

Our cloths, houses, Family and smiles

Left behind as we move forward


Our heads sink down as we travel around

Looking for a home

Who would have thought it would all go away

Stolen by a war that I do not understand

One time we were playing

Now I’m alone searching for a home

Stolen lives, stolen pride, stolen dreams

As I roam alone far away from home



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