Small, hopeful, optimistic child

Small, hopeful, optimistic child

Filled with dreams about winning the Nobel prize

When asked about the future

You had a list of who you would be

A doctor, a fashion designer, an artist, a scientist


Small, hopeful, optimistic child

Full of potential and ideas about what is to be

Where have you run off to

that luminous joy of hope

has escaped you when you most need it

Now the road ahead of you is blank

The map that was so clear and concise is now illegible

The mind is blank

Your heart is blank

In consciousness and unconsciousness the darkness still engulfs you

Stifling any little glimmer of hope


Oh small, hopeful optimistic little child

Whose angelic glow illuminates the world around you

Come back to me and guide the way

For the one you dreamed and hoped for


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