Written Wisdom Wednesday – Maia Mayor – “Perfect”

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since i’ve posted a Witten Wisdom Wednesday, but honestly I haven’t come across anything inspiring or moving, that is until I found this youtube video of slam poetry done by Maia Mayor. I loved it! Slam poetry has always had a reputation for being a little cringey, so I never really gave it the time of day and oh have I missed out.
So, I thought I would share this relatable poem with you.
Hope you enjoy.

Is there something wrong with you
A loose screw or two that ruins your ability to function
Why are you always so tired
Your life is uninspired and small
All you do is sprawl on the couch with outstretched limbs like a sloth in slow motion
Where is your devotion to succeed Maia
Did it drift out your window with a smoke from your weed
Do I have to force feed you discipline so you finally concede I cook and I clean and I don’t stop till the soles of my feet bleed
But I’m fine I’m perfect Be perfect Maia Be perfect like me
Stop wearing those godawful ripped pants and that lipstick like a whore with double d implants You only get one chance
Stop acting like a a cat with nine lives left
Stop committing yourself to songs and stories and spoken slam bullshit in a world where degrees and PhDs impede the need for poetry and stop chewing on your nails
No wonder you’ve never attracted any males
Why do you do that? Do you like the taste?
Are they sweet?
You don’t eat sweets Maia
You’re ruining your teeth like you’re ruining your life My teeth are perfect clean and pristine They gleam like the golden halo above my perfectly conditioned head I don’t need sugar Maia I am above sugar Why are you down here Maia Why are you down here when you need to be up here Up here with the ones with a promising career Who listen when information goes in one ear and doesn’t come out the other You’ll never be up here Maia You act as if the act of listening is a crime Or you would’ve heard me the 666th time I told you to stop chewing on your nails Stop chewing on your nails like a god damn piece of trash You can’t be trash Maia
You have to be perfect
Be perfect like me
I get up at 5 in the morning everyday
I start my day the same way worried that I’ll collapse as my bones start to decay from cleaning up your scraps
Why is your room such a mess The clothes go in the hamper Maia
Not displayed on your bed like your lack of morales
Not littered on the floor collecting more dust than my withered expectation You disregard my rules with stubborn contempt in a substandard attempt at teenage rebellion You can’t be a rebel Maia You’re not interesting enough
You need to obey
Say yes and ok
You need to do it with a smile on your less than average face
You need to try harder Maia Make it wider Maia
Why don’t you know how to smile
You disappoint me Maia
You never appreciate what I do for you
You never try to be a winner and you never eat your dinner
You never eat the dinner that I consistently provide for you as I constantly remind you of the life I set aside for you
That meal doesnt pay for itself Maia I don’t care if its ideal
Stop telling me how you feel
You need to eat it eat it all Eat it at a reasonable time with a glass of milk You need milk Maia
You need calcium like you need a catalyst for growth
You’ll never grow to be tall Be tall Be tall like me I drink my milk maia
Drink your fucking milk
Be tall Be perfect Be perfect like me
You need to pay more attention Maia
Stop daydreaming
Stop staring at the ceiling as if your one redeeming quality lies hidden in the plaster You need to organize your life
Your life is a disatser just like your room
Just like your teeth
Just like your future which will soon come to an end if you dont put down that pen
You need to stop writing Maia Your life is not a book
Dont give me that look Maia
I’m just trying to help you I’m just trying too love you I’m just trying to love you

You have to let me love you so you can be perfect Maia Be perfect like me


6 thoughts on “Written Wisdom Wednesday – Maia Mayor – “Perfect”

    1. I know. I think we’ve all have that taunting voice in our heads, a lot of it voices our parents expectations of us and she did an amazing job articulating that.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it đŸ™‚


  1. Wonderful.. What do people do when they know that they matter? They express their feelings, their desires, and their needs.
    What will you do when you realize that you matter? You will learn to speak your truth.

    Liked by 1 person

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