I always pride myself of being unapologetically morbid

Dark humour understood and not contorted


But a boundary is placed clear as day

Not faint, haunted with a tendency to sway


A joke among friends gives us a great cackle

A story of duress stirs quite a rattle

As the truth within it cannot be suppressed


I know my sarcasm, the joke in between the lines

And yet I was alarmed to hear of your crimes


Broken home, broken past are all excused that does not last

For lack of mercy in inherent and must be put on blast

And report of cruelty is a duty

No matter the laughs we shared in the past


Although I used to be a fan, I cannot stan

Among the crowd of supporters,

who love the jokes and not the reporters

Trivialisation occurring with mass participation

Even though the doings were quite brazen


Your actions are wrong

And that is something I cannot condone



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