Describe yourself in a Quote- Self- assessment challenge PART 1

We all want to be better versions of ourselves right? But how can we do that without taking a hard look in the mirror and recognising our flaws in order to better them. Often in English we are required to do character assessments and recognise our protagonists “one fatal flaw.”

Although we probably have many flaws, there tends to be a central flaw thats is linked to all our other flaws. So I decided to create a challenge to recognise our flaw with a single quote.


Mine is:

“Her dream wasn’t deep enough

Her work ethic wasn’t durable enough

Her sense of purpose wasn’t clear enough”

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 18.42.36.png

This lack of clarity has left me lazy, unwilling, complacent, flaky and honestly quite depressed.

When embarking on a career path it can be quite daunting. Unlike a job, a career requires so much planning for the future. So many exhausting strides to be taken. With so much rejection.

Many of my friends have opted to hope of the path to be a solicitor and are very happy working their jobs but part of me won’t settle, while the other part of me urges to.

All of this has lead to my doubt and lack of clarity in terms of my future.

Thus, my main goal is redirecting my focus, in order to identify my future steps.



Hope you enjoyed this post, if you did share your own post and link me. Let me know your fatal flaws.

Until next time,



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