Top 3 Underrated Youtubers to look out for….

Hey Guys,

So I live on youtube. So much so I no longer have a TV in my house.

Does anyone anymore?

So I decided to list some youtubers that I believe don’t get enough recognition.


This channel talks about the latest news on youtubers although she might be branching out to blogs soon. With her editing, jokes and charming personality I believe that many of you guys will enjoy her content especially since I love her. If she made videos everyday I’d  watch, if she made merch I would buy!

So follow and support.Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 23.30.20.png

2. Stephanie Soo

This girl is the reason for my failures in life! Her consistency is pretty amazing. I watch her everyday and pretty much always in the “here under 10 mins gang”.

Hell I just watched her Silk road drug dealing salmon eating mukbang (lol I know, it’s a little crazy).

This channel is not so underrated anymore. I started following her when she had under 50k and now she has 550k followers in relatively a short time. She posts everyday on her main channel and vlog channel just sharing her abundance of energy.

She’s a mukbanger with a massive appetite but her main appeal is her storytelling skills. Stephanie can literally talk about any mundane aspect of life, like running out of toilet paper, and turn it into a full on novel; jam packed with action, drama and suspense but rest assured her stories are interesting. Some say she’s taking over Shane’s Dawson’s conspiracy theories.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 23.36.01.png

3. Empressive

If you love watching Wendy Williams, you will love Empressive, although, she has a much more soothing voice and less controversial opinions. She always on point with the news and publishes in such a timely manner. Also, her series of “Unsung Music Stories” Letting us know about the background of many people in the music industry. I also followed her since she had under 50k and it had been a long journey and a lot of hard work and consistency so make sure to support her.Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 23.45.31.png

Make sure to support them.

Until Next Time,


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