DIY Lush Cup O’ Coffee

Hey guys,

I think the best thing about Lush is their face masks. I’m an addict! But recently I have completely run out of my Lush Cup O’Coffee face mask and since I have to go all the way to town (an over 1 hr bus ride :/ ) I decided to recreate the mask at home! I’ve been loving the results.

BTW I haven’t copied this “recipe” from anyone just made this up today :/ lol

Disclaimer: Of course test this out on your hand first before putting it on your face in case you have an allergic reaction.
Ingredients :

Give or take the measurements, you’ll know by looking at the consistency.

  1. Freshly Ground Coffee Beans (3 Tablespoons) IMG_20151208_200345.jpg (This is the coffee I used)
  2. Pure Organic Honey (1 1/2 Tablespoons)
  3. Coconut oil (2 Teaspoons)
  4. Raw unsweetened Cocoa (1 Tablespoon)
  5. Vanilla Extract (2-3 Drops)
  6. Natural Yogurt (1 Teaspoon)



To keep it for longer it’s best to refrigerate it. This handy DIY exfoliates the skin but also hydrates it because of the coconut oil and the honey, so you’re not left with dry skin afterwards. Perfect all year round. Also since it is a pretty inexpensive mask you could use it for your entire body as well 🙂

Until Next Time,
Batool xX

P.S. : I’ve also tasted it and it tastes so good! Random piece of information, do what you want with it 😛 #Don’t Judge

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