If I were a Rich Girl Wishlist Part 2

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to another “If I were a Rich Girl Wishlist” . We all dream of the lux life, living like the Kardashians…. but not having to take nude pics and dealing with the paparazzi :/ but the clothes, the shoes, the HANDBAGSSS 🙂

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  1. Judith Leiber Bag

I never heard of Judith Leiber until I saw the Kylie Jenner Purse Closet Tour.  These are not your classic bags that you can wear everyday but are cute little novelty bags that you can have fun with. However make sure you have at least 5,000 dollars per bag …;(

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 23.06.31


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 23.12.44


2. Versace

3. Sonique Saturday

Gucci was in hot water for this bag. Many believed the design was stolen from Sonique Saturday.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 13.36.16.png

I looked on the site https://www.soniquesaturday.com and fell in LOVE with her bags! They are so pretty! They are also considerably cheaper than other designer bags but a little to expensive for me at the moment (approx. 350 dollars) and hence of my “If I were a rich girl Wishlist).


Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 00.00.20Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 00.00.34Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 00.01.00Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 00.01.56

4. Murad Skincare

The actually aren’t so expensive considering they’re world-renowned skincare products. I have yet to try it but I do I’ll make sure to let you know.Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 00.28.19.png

Until Next time,


7 thoughts on “If I were a Rich Girl Wishlist Part 2

    1. Thats true. When you have money, especially if your work in the entertainment industry, you have more freedom to wear more avant grade things. I do like the creativity and colours. Too bad I work in an office job lol

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  1. Wealth is a state of mind!… 🙂 have a Happy New Year and hope the new year is all that you wish for it to be!… 🙂

    A Wealthy Dreamer Am I…

    I’m far richer than the rich
    Wealthier than the wealthy by far,
    I have gold in the sun
    I have silver in the star.

    I have dreams that I follow
    That are more precious than gold,
    As I venture through life
    Eagerly watching, the dreams unfold.

    I have diamonds, too many to count
    With each new fallen snow,
    As I see each one sparkle
    While basking in the suns glow.

    The mornings bring nature’s painting
    Priceless, a portrait of the sky,
    Impossible to duplicate
    Even though many did try.

    Each bloom of the red rose
    A ruby, one of a kind,
    With the bloom of the white rose
    A pearl comes to mind.

    Money have I little
    But wealth I have got,
    But I don’t fit in with
    The wealthy and rich lot.

    But I’m not going to change
    A wealthy dreamer I’ll stay,
    Until the rivers, they all run dry
    Until the four winds, they all blow away.

    (Larry “Dutch” Woller 8-10-2018)

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