How to be a More Accomplished Person

So it’s back to school/college and we all have a fresh wave of determination and motivation. We’re ready to get those A’s! However usually after the first week (sometimes the first day :/ ) we go back to slacking, just like the year before and before you know it your cramming the day before your exam just hoping to pass and those goals of success and A’s are out the window. You’ll promise yourself next year or next semester will be different but you usually go round and round in this cycle until it’s too late. Trust me I’ve been there, we all have but today’s the day it’s gonna stop!

I decided to write this tips down to help you guys out and to be honest, help me out. So are some tips to help you stay on track and hopefully accomplish lose goals:

1. Your Friends

Have you ever heard the phrase ” if your the smartest person in the room, your probably in the wrong room”? That’s because it’s true, even if you are a strong individual, if you surround yourself with people who have lower expectations and standards than you, and who are always going out, even if there’s a huge exam, truth is they’re probably bringing you down. Whether you realize it or not your expectations will be lowered. You need to hang out with people who challenge you and encourage you to do better.You’ll find yourself working harder just so you can save face among your friends. After all no one wants to be the dumb friend of the group.

2. Write down your goals

I know it sounds so obvious but I personally find it really helpful. I have four lists of goals :

a) goals for today

b) goals for this week

c) goals for this month

d) goals for this semester

On the ”Goals for Today List” I usually don’t have any times, just a list realist goals because I find that having it really specific can be discouraging, if something takes a little longer that anticipated there goes your whole list.

3. More Activities!

I know this sound crazy right? But having more activities automatically makes you manage your time better. If you cancel all your plans in an attempt to try to study for the whole week you’ll just get distracted and not use your time efficiently. Do useful activities too, so you can add those on your CV, 2 Birds with one stone 😛

4. Baby Steps

Accomplishing little goals everyday keeps you motivated and doesn’t allow you to feel like your drowning with all this work. Never let yourself go to sleep without learning something new.


Hope this helps.

Until Next Time,


8 thoughts on “How to be a More Accomplished Person

  1. I agree with staying busy! Sometimes studying in public helps me too, because I have to get up and go somewhere for that exact purpose. Plus I know if someone catches me watching Netflix in the library I won’t be proud of myself.

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  2. When we have holistic development; body, mind and soul then we can term ourselves as accomplished person. It is acquired with practice and experience in life. Process is slow but with determination we can get it by taking ‘baby-steps’. Thanks sharing an excellent blog. Regards

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