“He has better plans for you”

You sooth your bitter disappointment with reassuring phrases “God has better plans for you”, “Maybe he’s protecting you”.

Yet deep down you question how durable your armoured words can be.

The words that you use as a shield, who are they protecting you from?

The hidden danger? or The truth?

What if the truth is you should of tried harder, worked better and smarter.

What if God wasn’t protecting you but that little voice in your head, the sweet distorter was the true caller.

What if it is the voice that fuels on fear and screeches at the road of uncharter.

Things are not supposed to come easy. The though of it may make you queasy.

But an obstacle is supposed to be dreary.

And once you pass and turn back it will seem breezy, that is of course if you take the challenge of that that is uneasy.



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