Why I’m over celebrity “Brands”

It seems like everyday we hear about a new youtube, clothing line, make up line, jewellery line or home decor line from a new “celebrity” and while I sometimes try to be positive and look at their line or brand all I see is unoriginal, uncreative products regurgitated on the market.

In youtube, the content is copies of old challenges and lifestyle blogs but with less personality. I remember on Adrienne Bailon’s channel she did a “What’s in my bag”, “Whats on my phone (literally going through her apps” and “how to prepare store bought guacamole”.  It’s disappointing and insulting to people who actually work hard and take it seriously.

With their “brands” its the same thing. They will legit copy something that I can get on instagram for 5 dollars and sell it for 60. The clothes are all copies that I even much rather by from fashionova or Penney’s and I will get it cheaper and maybe even better quality.

For the year 2019 I want to leave all celebrity brands behind and focus and shed light on small designers and creators, who actually create something worth our money and time.



6 thoughts on “Why I’m over celebrity “Brands”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t ‘get’ celebrity products where the prices are hugely inflated and yet you get nothing for it, no better quality, nothing hugely original, nothing with a personal touch. I’d prefer regular brands, or, as you say, lesser known ones where there’s something of value there for what we’re paying. xx

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    1. Its disappointing because if anyone has the actual resources to start a brand its celebrities. The have the money, the fame, the customers but they are so lazy smh.


  2. I agree. I’ve kept my own cosmetics, the ones I’ve used since day one, and have yet to get sucked into the ‘trends.’ It’s definitely too overpriced anyway, especially if it’s something you haven’t used before.
    I read YouTube and thought, uh-oh! But no! I’m a new YouTuber, make nail art and designs, and the competition is tough. But I’m adamant in sharing what I know, granted I’m no professional but I do have a passion for it, that I want to continue to share.
    Great post!

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    1. You should keep sharing. Its fun for you and your viewers. I’ll check out your youtube channel. The only channels and brands that I dont like are the unsincere and unoriginal that tend to be celebrity brands that copycat already mainstream ideas.
      Im glad you liked it 😊 Xx

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