Sorry for all the heartache I have caused you,

I am not oblivious to your pain,

My mistakes have hurt you,

I am aware, Im not insane,

But I feel stuck,

caged in a box,

I know my arms and legs can walk freely

And my mind is working, even if it fails,

But I am stuck,

trapped in an imaginary block of cement,

that is slowly crushing all my organs,

I know I can and I know I should,

I just don’t know why Im stuck

Why the fear has such a strong hold on me

Keeping me still in an ever revolving world

Forgive me for my downfalls

and my seeming arrogant air of non-chalentness

I care, I see, I know

I just don’t know how to go…


5 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. This is painfully sad, in the sense that if I were the person you were writing this to, I would want to say ‘I forgive you, I know, please don’t hurt for the things you feel sorry about’. Beautifully written  ♥
    Caz xx

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