The Evolution of Eyebrows throughout the Decade


Phew a lot of mixed emotions right?

Eyebrows have been the most important part of practically everyone makeup routine. From the extremely thin eyebrows that look drawn on with a HB pencil to the crazy thick, sharpie, non- realistic eyebrows to the natural middle eastern thick eyebrows to the feather eyebrows… we’ve been through a lot.

Welcome to the evolution of eyebrows.

These were probably the bad ones but no, no, no…. :p

Then the heavily drawn on  Sharpie ones, I mean did we really think that was cute? James Charles was the biggest culprit of this so i couldn’t really go without mentioning him, the man, the mess, the legend.

Image result for thick eyebrows james charles

James’ iconic eyebrow transformation

Image result for thick drawn on eyebrows

Wait were we really going out like this!?!? Please say noRelated imageImage result for eyebrows

Finally figuring out not to use sharpie markers as eyebrow tool. lol in just kidding.

Thank you Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencils!
Image result for eyebrowsImage result for thick drawn on eyebrows





The latest eyebrow of the decade has been feathery eyebrow which I cant seem to grasp  the hang of so maybe ill just wait for the next trend.

Here are a few more trends that deserve honourable mentions that were more instagram trends than actual go out to a party ones.

Image result for eyebrows

whatever the hell this was

Image result for feathered eyebrowsThese feathery eyebrow which kinda give me the heebee jeebees idk why tho

Image result for jenna marbles nike eyebrows

And i will never forget when jenna marbles shaved off her eyebrows. hats off to her with i had that kind of confidence

Image result for thick eyebrows james charles

Lets just all hope for a glowup as good as james charles’ eyebrows for 2020





5 thoughts on “The Evolution of Eyebrows throughout the Decade

  1. 🤣 so funny and so true and wtf with the feather brows?! Sadly, I was a berrymore brow wearer in the 90s and my thick brows never grew back.

    Who knew that one day I would like to see my brows again. 🤷‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Whatever the hell this was…” – if you’re not wearing a tin foil hat, you wouldn’t know. I had a TV antenna that looked like this. “Don’t adjust your television set – we ARE in control!”


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