Wake Up…

You sip on your bleak cup of disappointment

Not a particularly pretty cup or tasty beverage

But I’m used to it now

It’s lukewarm indifference provides an unsettling comfort to my soul


Is this addiction?

Am I self-harming?

I feel the pain… but not so deep

A sweet sting

Like the pricks of the nettles as you try to reach for the berries beside the creek

Tolerable, Endurable….

But is it?


I hear of a chalice of happiness

Filled to the brim with content

Gold and shining with hope

But surely its a myth

Could there ever be such bliss


As I slowly and slowly cut away at myself

With small unnoticeable pricks

every time, I wonder

Is it really tolerable

This eternal amiss?


Or am I slowly fading away in the deep abyss

without a thought or a notice

As my vision slowly starts blurring and defocusing

Everything becomes so unpromising

And every bite turns to mulch

Even the ones that were the tastiest to munch


Oh to wake up..

I have to wake up!

What if I never Wake up?

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.13.51.png


Until Next Time,


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