Why I’m over celebrity “Brands”

It seems like everyday we hear about a new youtube, clothing line, make up line, jewellery line or home decor line from a new "celebrity" and while I sometimes try to be positive and look at their line or brand all I see is unoriginal, uncreative products regurgitated on the market. In youtube, the content … Continue reading Why I’m over celebrity “Brands”

Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star Drama

Hey guys, This is my first post about celebrity news. My guilty pleasure is Wendy Williams and I have always loved the brilliant LovelyTi, so I thought why not talk about it. So if you haven't heard Kim Kardashian is in some hot water over her latest snapchat defending Jeffree Star. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXzaJu1hFLt/   Later, she apologised for … Continue reading Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star Drama