I Love You

The words I Love You. So familiar. Yet so foreign. You read about it so often but do I truly believe in the concept? Not necessarily. I mean to some Romeo and Juliet was a beautiful love story, to me it was a story of two idiots who lack logic and got themselves killed. Or … Continue reading I Love You

Living Life

This November I'm turning 20. It seemed so far away but it has arrived so fast. The big 2-0,  still young but now I' faced with my worst fear... responsibilities and adulthood :/ I've just graduated from university and now the time has come to actually start my career and so I have began to … Continue reading Living Life


Death. The ending of a life. When the heart stops beating and you draw your last breath. Some people believe once you die you will be reincarnated into a different creature, others believe you will either enter the golden path of heaven or the fiery gates of hell, to some death is the end of … Continue reading Death