Now hard to face

Your claws dig in me leaving me breathless Suffocated and entrapped with no room to self express *** What was once a soft touch and a warm embrace Became too much And is now hard to face


Consistency is the necessary baby steps we take to reach our goals. Although life is a journey with a series of unpredictable peaks and troughs, I feel like like each high and low are positive and negative reactions to our consistency. "It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's … Continue reading Consistency

What do I say?

Looking ahead as the silence surrounds us. Two souls who are supposed to be so close yet seems so far away. I open my mouth for something to say, yet my lips slowly come together in desperation. Pursued in frustration at of lack of communication I look ahead as we succumb to the quiet Not … Continue reading What do I say?