Wry Smiles

Your naivety is outstanding As you walk around with you heart on your sleeve Questions asked Honest responses answered Yet by you and only you *** You notice too late the wry smiles on the paper faces that crinkle and change as quickly as the seconds move on the clock An accumulation of trash paper … Continue reading Wry Smiles



Consistency is the necessary baby steps we take to reach our goals. Although life is a journey with a series of unpredictable peaks and troughs, I feel like like each high and low are positive and negative reactions to our consistency. "It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's … Continue reading Consistency


Clarity negates disparity Allowing you to avoid austerity Increasing your prosperity Through your regularity Avoiding the hilarity Of your life becoming a parody Earning Respect and popularity Jealously and insincerity Even if you give to charity The concept hold familiarity Yet merits peculiarity As you stop and confused To search for said clarity In a … Continue reading Clarity