Cumbersome Burden

Cumbersome burden, so heavy for the lifting Dead weight that is forever drifting Where to dispose, Oh where to dispose? Of thou who has long imposed Heavy burden, Oh heavy burden Oh how I want to be free From your heavylifting Incessant slipping Uninteresting and unassisting Herculean challenge to be Heavy burden, Heavy burden Don't … Continue reading Cumbersome Burden



They say the path is long and winded spiralling chaotically, destructively through the valley The obstacles glare at you face on Spikey daggers and thousands of thorns *** Yet they say it is clear Just move forward through all the drudgery A simple path to success *** But what if you don't know where you … Continue reading Uncertainty

Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter Pancake Splatter What a mess indeed Scrambled egg Are the brains in my head Oh, what a mess indeed Splash of tea All over me Oh dear me Time for an official decree Clearing spree must commence No more suspence Time to change me

I Ponder and Wonder

Emotionless Lackluster As I sit and ponder My decisions Past, Future and Current I question What is Wrong Where has my drive gone The surge of ambition The focus on a mission Now I sit with deadlines looming Unbothered, uncaring Accepting Failure Before it is bestowed upon me  

Study Day

Books open Notes lay In a mess Like the aftermath of a hurricane Laptop open Neck hunched Staring blankly at all that must be done Too late Another Fail Will tomorrow be the same? Or will I finally play the game? And learn though the pain