Escaping you

I lower my gaze walking head down in a fearful daze I do not want to speak debate or be critiqued So I walk away and stray far from were you stay from a bond that was strong with a long-stand and a talk we should of had  



Clarity negates disparity Allowing you to avoid austerity Increasing your prosperity Through your regularity Avoiding the hilarity Of your life becoming a parody Earning Respect and popularity Jealously and insincerity Even if you give to charity The concept hold familiarity Yet merits peculiarity As you stop and confused To search for said clarity In a … Continue reading Clarity

You’re always one decision away from a totally Different Life

"You're always one decision away from a totally Different Life" I saw this quote today and although it's pretty much common sense, like every other inspirational quote, it resonated with me. Just think about it, even through a minute of omission it will affect our tomorrows. For better or worse who knows. Do you chose … Continue reading You’re always one decision away from a totally Different Life

Work Hard

Work Hard Then Harder And Harder *** The Hustle is our life *** If you aren't working You aren't living Thats what we're taught *** But what happens if you work hard Achieve big And still not happy?  _________________________________________________________________ Recently I watched a movie called "From the Rough" (click the link to the movie). I took … Continue reading Work Hard