The way you look at me has changed 

The way you look at me has changed *** There was once love There was once excitement for the potential future was full of enlightenment *** But now they scream all that you have refrained Full of rage and distain They complain about the pain Ashamed and estranged You quickly look away *** You can't … Continue reading The way you look at me has changed 

How to Improve your CV

Great vibes

After all these years of studying in school and college we all hope to get ourselves a job that will pay off for all the endless all-nighters and consumption of energy drinks to study for exams and assignments. As a result, the CV is important. It’s a representation of all our hard work over the years, so it better be good. We all know that focusing on grades is not the only thing that employers are looking for (although having a first does look good).

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