Invisible War

Have you ever been in a state of immobilisation? Regretful and numb. Full of despair. But the emotions seem to lack its strength. Rather than erupt it seems to simmer hot and angry but beneath the surface, so that a smile can be maintained , a laugh can be managed and a capable and happy … Continue reading Invisible War


Death. The ending of a life. When the heart stops beating and you draw your last breath. Some people believe once you die you will be reincarnated into a different creature, others believe you will either enter the golden path of heaven or the fiery gates of hell, to some death is the end of … Continue reading Death

In My Head

To push through the doubts in your head Is a greater accomplishment than rejecting the doubts of others You are your greatest motivator And you are your greatest down fall Only we change our future Not others and their opinions So make sure you silence your doubts Then you will succeed Batool Xx