Iconic 2019 Products!!!!

Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette    2. Shane Dawson Merch 3. Kim Kardashian Perfume I would never really by a Kim Kardashian product but I must admit seeing everyone in the PR break the giant chocolate hearts with the perfume inside. We also have to admit the perfume bottle was so cute. And … Continue reading Iconic 2019 Products!!!!

10 Simple Steps to A perfect body!

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To all those who know me, I am formally known as the Diet Queen. You name it, I’ve tried it…the GM diet, the cabbage diet, the military diet etc. What I’ve learned is that although these diets are great if you only need to lose a minimal amount of weight or have an upcoming event that you want to look good for, the only way to truly lose a substantial amount of weight and be able to keep that weight off is unfortunately to go the long route and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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