Incompetent Disappointment

Incompetent Inconsistent Undesirable Ungifted *** Lazy with a side of crazy Foggy and oh so Hazy *** Disappointment Non-anointed unholy rather homely and peculiarly lowly *** small and weak shy and meek Bland and bleek Never unique *** Simple little freak  


Gold and green So pretty yet can be so mean The hands that reach may be unclean And Im not talking about hygiene But you deem yourself fit for a queen! All I need is a little green Print some more out of that shiny machine   ©Batool Aly (SarcasticBeautyQueen)


So its been many years and yet I seem unworried For our souls have been tied Tied centuries before our birth Maybe a past life But I digress as I don't need to impress A warm embrace Smiles on my face Since playground days To the undefined twenties phase